Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter to AIG

After days of nothing in the news but information regarding how your organization chose to spend MY hard earned money (I am a working American citizen and you can try to convince yourself otherwise, but you took a hand-out from every working American), I had to write and tell you how disgusted I am with your organization and your employees.

I struggle to pay my bills. I don't ask for a "bail-out" (read Hand-Out) from the government. I work harder and try to earn more money. The problem with this strategy is that when I work harder and earn more money, the government takes more of my money to give to organizations like yours! I can't win and you're handing out millions of dollars to the very people responsible for a significant portion of the problems with our economy right now.

You say you are bound by contracts to give those bonuses, right? How about living my life for a moment. I teach for a community college where they changed the way they pay my overtime. Instead of paying as I work, I get the whole lot dumped into one check at the end of the semester (often several months AFTER a class has ended). The college I work for made this change (from paying us in three checks for each 8 week session for overtime to one check at the end of the semester) WITHOUT BOTHERING TO TELL US. Do I get to whine and not work? Are they not bound by contract to pay me? It doesn't matter. I'm still struggling just to pay my monthly bills while the college holds onto my money until the end of MAY.

Every single employee of your organization who took those millions of dollars in "bonuses" should be ashamed of themselves. That money wasn't from AIG profits...money you have every right to do with as you please. No, that money came out of my pocket and the pocket of every other American who pays taxes. If those employees had to go to every person affected by their poor performance and the raping of the American tax payer that funded their bonuses and say "thank you," I bet none of them could look any of us in the eye.

Shari A. Malin
Taxpayer and Citizen

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