Friday, December 18, 2009

Double Your Money!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here Under the Stars

Her under the stars I lie, awaiting the sound of your heart in my ear

Will you come, will your heart beat with mine

Can I hear you, will you hear me

Here under the stars I lie, awaiting your hand upon my skin
Will you come, will you keep your promise
Can I trust you, will you trust me

Here under the stars I lie, awaiting your lips upon my own
Will you come, will your kiss awaken me
Can I love you, will you love me

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Reward Points

Reward Points
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Free Book!

The first three customers to purchase the ELECTRONIC version of The Reluctant Trainer from DV8 Publishing who enter the code RTFREE in the coupon code of the cart will get the e-book for FREE!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Excerpt from The Reluctant Trainer

This is an excerpt from the book I'm working on. It's currently called The Reluctant Trainer. Feel free to comment. Right now I have approximately 125 pages written which is likely 1/4 of the book (possibly a little less). Please do understand this is VERY EARLY in the writing of this book and has not gone through my normal editing process.
Lillian looked at the pile of manila folders arranged on her desk. She sighed and pushed them to the side to make room to rest her elbows in their place. Cradling her head in her hands she asked, "Why do they come to me?"
"Because you're the best Lil," David said without hesitation.
"But I don't want to be the best trainer. You know that." She pulled the folders toward herself and opened the top one. A photo of a smiling, muscular man slid out into her hand, followed by a stack of papers half an inch thick.
"When do I get to be who I really am rather than who the ASC needs me to be?"
David reached across the desk and caressed Lillian's neck, touching the place on her collar bone where a small scar lightened the skin just slightly more than the rest of her neck. Lillian leaned into that caress, bowing her head and letting herself fall into memories of a time when a collar had made that scar. David leaned just slightly farther forward and lifted Lillian's chin to stare into her glazed eyes.
"You are, right now, exactly who you have always been, Lil. You are simply in service to the ASC instead of to me."
Lillian blinked several times, fighting back the tears that came each time she remembered her time in service to David and his family. She knew he was right, that being in service to the organization her father had built was only slightly different from being in service to a family. But it was the small differences that always brought the tears.
"Lil, honey, we go through this every time there's a new batch of applicants for this place." David stood and snatched the photo out of her hand. "And every time we go through this, you give in. Whether or not you want to admit it to yourself, you are the best trainer available in our community and until you no longer meet the needs of those you serve in that capacity, you will continue to have to train their toys."
"Until I can no longer meet their needs, eh?" The bitterness in her voice nearly cut the air. "When each day we add new owners to the organization? When each morning my email is filled with applicants who think they can be the next Natashia?" she sighed and took the file photo back from David. "You know that day will never come. I can really only hope to find someone else who is willing to take on the position. Even then, who would want to own the Master Trainer of the ASC?"
David took Lillian's chin in his hand again, refusing to allow her to look away. Her mind shied away from the anger she saw rising in his dark eyes, but Lillian's training did not allow her to pull away from him.
"There isn't an owner in the organization who wouldn't mortgage their entire holdings, Swiss and otherwise, to posess you, Lillian. My father turned down more offers than even your father knew of. You are valuable in and of yourself, even without the backing of the ASC. There are owners throughout the world who would trip over each other to line up to own you."
Lillian couldn't breathe. She couldn't remember the last time she'd seen such fire flash in David's eyes as it did now. He was angry and hurting just as much as she was. How had she missed his pain in the midst of her own? After so many years of training others to see every nuance of those they served, to notice every desire and feeling before it even had time to surface in the mind of that person, how had she missed David's pain over the loss of her service? How had she allowed her own loss, the loss of servitude to David and his family, to overshadow her own true nature? Shame flooded her body and flushed her skin a vibrant red.
"Now, if you want to find a replacement for yourself, you are going to have to do only one thing, Lillian. What is it?"
"Train until I find the one with the skill and desire to take my place." Lillian lowered her eyes in contrition.
"Exactly." David released Lillian's face and slouched into his chair again.
"Well, if that's the case, I suppose taking on these four is just a step in the right direction." She gestured to the pile of folders on her desk. Three of the files were an inch thick, filled with photographs and notes. The fourth was barely thick enough to lift the front cover of the file off the back.
"Tell me about these new ones, Lil. I know the one I brought in, but what about the rest?"
Lillian shuffled the files to bring up the one marked Ira Stewart.
"Your father spotted this one for us, David. Didn't he tell you about it?"
Shaking his head, David took the file from her and flipped through the notes written in his father's precise hand.
Non-descript in appearance, Redmon is an excellent personal servant. His attention to detail is superb and his sexual inhibition even in the face of situations outside his sexual preference makes him an excellent candidate for training as a personal servant or major domo for a larger household. It will be necessary for training to focus on leadership and stepping out of the shadows if he is to be successful and happy.
David nodded, recalling the conversation he'd had with Ira about Redmon.
"He mentioned this one to me once but it was several years ago. Something about having seen the boy during a trip with Lafayette to Ireland."
Lillian remembered the trip. Lafayette and Ira had gone abroad to do some spotting just a few months prior to Lafayette's death. Ira never spoke of that trip with Lillian as she struggled to transition from servant to owner and operator of the ASC, but he'd obviously discussed it with David.
"If the notes look good and Ira felt Redmon was good enough to go back for three years later, I'll take a look at him."
"Agreed," David said, handing Lillian the file once again.
She put the file off to one side of her desk, placing it on top of Gene's file. She next pulled Natalie's file open.
"This one comes from Samuil in Florida. He worked with her for a few weeks before sending her here for this interview."
At Samuil's name, David's brow creased slightly. Lillian knew that as owners, Samuil and his family had always demanded the best of their servants and were quick to both punish and reward. As a spotter for the ASC, Samuil's recommendations had been hit or miss thus far. His last two recommendations had gone through the training process and been sold to families in Europe. The three prior recommendations, however had resulted in two rejections from the training and one early contract termination.
David glanced through the file, nodding here and there. "After that fiasco with the early termination, Samuil's recommendations have improved in quality ten-fold. Based on his notes in the file, this one seems to be much more on par with the last two he sent us than with the first three."
Lillian took the file from David and reviewed the notes once more. She'd already read the file six or seven times but there was something about this prospect that didn't feel exactly right.
"You're right about the notes indicating the quality of this one, " she said. "but there is something about her and Samuil's notes regarding his trouble breaking her of some clumsy mannerisms His notes indicated that they increased with stress. We'll have to push her past her breaking point a couple of times to get rid of those habits."
"Then I don't see a problem with her," David said.
Noting that David considered the matter closed, Lillian reached for the last, thin file. The sigh escaped her lips before she could contain her emotions.
"What's wrong with that one?" David asked.
One word was enough. The last three prospects Tim Krause had sent hadn't even made it past the initial interview. The women were beautiful but completely unsuited for service. They wanted to be sex toys for rich, beautiful people. They didn't care about the other skills necessary to make a well rounded slave and they'd made themselves clear about their feelings.
David took the last file and sifted through the scant information. Most of Tim's notes were about Sarita's abilities in the bedroom and dungeon. There was a brief sentence about body service but that was it.
"Do you think she's worth interviewing, Lil?"
Lillian looked at Sarita's photo and thought of the email request waiting in her inbox from a Saudi owner seeking a plaything for his son. "Only because I think we could probably sell her if she's willing to make even the slightest attempt to learn more than how to give good head."
"She might be a good prospect for specialty training from the Tolivers," David said. "They've been asking for more responsibility in training and the son, Jethro, seems particularly adept at training pleasure slaves."
Lillian considered David's suggestion. With the increase in requests for slaves from the ASC, she and Ira had discussed splitting the training into two facilities. Ambre House would handle the household and career slaves while Stewart House would take on the personal body slaves. Ira had mentioned that the Tolivers, one of the first ASC ownership families, had wanted to try their hand at training pleasure slaves. Sarita would give them a good opportunity to try out the services Stephan Toliver believed he could offer.
"I think you're right, David," she said. "If she is suitable for training at all, giving her to the Tolivers would be a great opportunity for us to test their training plans."
"Then it looks like four interviews," David said, standing and heading to the door. "I'll take the women first, you take the men. We'll let them stew through lunch and switch?"
Lillian nodded and handed over Sarita and Natalie's files.
"An hour each should give us until lunch time to finish. I'd say leave the calm one and the sexpot sitting while you take the clutz and I'll take the muscle-man."
"Sounds good to me," David smiled. When Lillian joined him at the door, he reached down and kissed her forehead. "Just remember you'll never find a replacement if you don't choose quality candidates to train. Don't let them get anything over on you just because you want to rush through this, ok?"
Lillian nodded and reached for the door. "Let's get started so we can at least have dinner served by the two who know how to do that."

In the works for Shannon Reilly

Well, because I'm such a masochist, I've begun writing a novel. The darn thing is turning into a series before the first book is even 1/2 finished. I'll post an excerpt soon and as soon as I have a better idea on the release date, I'll make it available for pre-order.
Let's put it this way, if you liked the idea behind the Marketplace series, you're probably going to like this book (series, whatever the heck it turns out to be).
Keep an eye open for the excerpt here and on my page on Amazon:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter to AIG

After days of nothing in the news but information regarding how your organization chose to spend MY hard earned money (I am a working American citizen and you can try to convince yourself otherwise, but you took a hand-out from every working American), I had to write and tell you how disgusted I am with your organization and your employees.

I struggle to pay my bills. I don't ask for a "bail-out" (read Hand-Out) from the government. I work harder and try to earn more money. The problem with this strategy is that when I work harder and earn more money, the government takes more of my money to give to organizations like yours! I can't win and you're handing out millions of dollars to the very people responsible for a significant portion of the problems with our economy right now.

You say you are bound by contracts to give those bonuses, right? How about living my life for a moment. I teach for a community college where they changed the way they pay my overtime. Instead of paying as I work, I get the whole lot dumped into one check at the end of the semester (often several months AFTER a class has ended). The college I work for made this change (from paying us in three checks for each 8 week session for overtime to one check at the end of the semester) WITHOUT BOTHERING TO TELL US. Do I get to whine and not work? Are they not bound by contract to pay me? It doesn't matter. I'm still struggling just to pay my monthly bills while the college holds onto my money until the end of MAY.

Every single employee of your organization who took those millions of dollars in "bonuses" should be ashamed of themselves. That money wasn't from AIG you have every right to do with as you please. No, that money came out of my pocket and the pocket of every other American who pays taxes. If those employees had to go to every person affected by their poor performance and the raping of the American tax payer that funded their bonuses and say "thank you," I bet none of them could look any of us in the eye.

Shari A. Malin
Taxpayer and Citizen

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Products!

I've added the rituals for children and spells for teens to the site.

I also added five new crochet patterns (men's and women's sweaters, a

poncho, a shawl, and a throw).

I'm working on a new Scrap kit in natures blues, greens and pinks.

I should have new cross stitch patterns posted by the end of the week as


Hope you'll stop by and check out our new products.

On the Horizon

I am currently working on two collaborative projects for the book section of

the site.

1. The Humanity of Power Exchange Relationships is a book I will be working

on with a dear friend who has been quoted in my earlier books but now wishes

to throw his hat into the ring on writing.

2. A hand-crafted Tarot set with accompanying book--My favorite artist has

agreed to draw the cards for me and I will be writing the book. Look for

samples of these cards very soon. We will be taking pre-orders. Each card

will be hand crafted of the highest quality materials. We promise you won't

be disappointed.

3. I'm in the last stages of writing A Question of Slavery and should have

it ready for sale by the end of April. This book answers questions posed by

the community about consensual slavery power exchange relationships.

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DV8 Newsletter Feb 12-19

DV8 Publishing Weekly Store Newsletter

February 12-19, 2009

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Freebies through Feb 6

The freebies at DV8 Publishing until February 6 are:

Candle Magic--Astral Projection
Small Pentacle Filet Pattern

I've added a huge number of new patterns and spells (and will be working on
more this weekend).

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Individual Spells Added to Catalog

I'm adding individual spells to the catalog. More will be posted each day.

Each week there will be a special...A free spell! Check back each week in order to download your free spell.

I will be offering a subscription service for these spells very soon.

$1.00 Crochet Sale!

All Crochet Patterns are on sale for $1.00