DV8 Passions

You probably have never heard of it because I was able to do only one issue, but DV8 Passions is a magazine for and by our communities.

I want to resurrect this magazine. To do so, I need help (the reason only one issue was ever done was because I did it by myself). I need contributors, advertisers, and could even use help with layout and design.

If you are interested in joining me in this venture, please message me on Fet or email me directly at sharimalin@gmail.com.

I want to release the rebirth issue in the Fall (September release). That gives us three months to get content together.

The theme for this issue will be "rebirth." I want articles, essays, poems, photos, etc. which address rebirth in any way you feel is applicable to what we do. Maybe the rebirth of public awareness of our existence, or the rebirth of your interest in what we do, or even the rebirth of relationships. Whatever speaks to you, send it to us.

I also want to do columns in the following areas:
How To

If you're interested in contributing to a column, let me know. If you have questions for a column, please send them!

Advertising for the rebirth issue will be free for 1/4 page ads. 1/2 page ads will be $10 and full page ads will be $15. All money will be used to produce and promote the magazine.\

I know there will be more information requested and I will post it to DV8Publishing.com as I put it all together. For now, please feel free to email me anytime!

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